Peer Sessions


On the first day of every edACCESS conference, all attendees join a facilitated roundtable discussion. Each participant has the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves, their institution, their experience, and their wishes for the conference. Our roundtable provides an opportunity early in the conference to discover other attendees with similar interests and relevant experience, and helps to determine focus group topics, the heart of our conference program.

Peer sessions

At edACCESS the participants determine the peer sessions! Using the roundtable discussion, and peer session signup, attendees create a list of session topics, and conference organizers find attendees qualified to lead the sessions. Peer sessions can be presentations, panels, discussions, workshops, tours, etc. This process allows the conference to meet the expressed needs of participants, and it supports attendees getting to know each other in informal sessions that reflect actual attendee wishes. Year after year, edACCESS peer sessions receive very high evaluation ratings; they are a perennial highlight of our conferences.

Closing sessions

edACCESS has two closing sessions. The first, the personal introspective, provides attendees both a private time to reflect on their conference experience and what changes they may want to make as a result, as well as the opportunity to share their answers with the entire group. The second, the group spective, provides a place and time for attendees to collectively reflect, share, discuss, and perhaps decide on future projects and activities.