Contact Us

If you have questions about edACCESS, or require additional information, please get in touch with the appropriate contact from the list below.

  • edACCESS Director: Eric LaCroix, click here to email, (603) 455-4944
  • edACCESS President: Mike Schmelder, click here to email, (717) 572-4934
  • edACCESS Treasurer: Carolynn Parisi, click here to email
  • Conference Coordinator: JT Amirault click here to email
  • Conference Registrations: Robin Beaver, click here to email, (610) 922-1004
  • 2020 Conference Liaison: Bhavin Patel, click here to email — The Masters School
  • G Suite Administrator: Bill Campbell, click here to email
  • Vendor Relations: John Johnson, click here to email, (413) 529-3310
  • Site Visit Program: click here to email
  • Website / Marketing: Emily Miller, click here to email, (717) 572-4934